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3 UFO Members Complete Cross Trade Shipment

8th February 2016

3 UFO Members Complete Cross Trade Shipment
3 UFO Members Complete Cross Trade Shipment

Recently Global Cargo Canada Inc. (UFO Canada) organized the shipping of oversized, 75 ton heavy machinery - shear/baler Lefort 1000 from the Dominican Republic to Columbus, Ohio in USA.

As it was a cross trade shipment, Global Cargo Canada involved their UFO partner, Caribbean International Cargo in Dominican Republic, who coordinated the booking and export documentation and ACM Logistics & Consulting Inc (UFO Texas), who arranged the customs clearance of this giant machine upon arrival in Miami.

Margaret Janczak of Global Cargo Canada Inc. said "This project cargo followed two months of preparations and planning. As strange as it may sound, not many carriers were capable to transport this machinery between Rio Haina and any US port and finally we got into an agreement with Seaboard Marine Ltd. to load it on the vessel.

After unloading in Miami the machinery was transported by truck to the local rail depot from where it was loaded on the rail car and transported to Columbus Ohio. Special thanks to Dellaneris Mejia from Caribbean International Cargo and Breanna Berset from ACM Logistics & Consulting. All parties performed on a very professional manner. It is a perfect example of great cooperation among our partners."

"Our customer expressed his gratitude to Global Cargo Canada and stated later that he could not have done it without our help and cooperation. We can also add that we could not do it without our UFO partners. It was a job well done."