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BTS Logistics with Portfolio of Recent Work

1st November 2018

BTS Logistics with Portfolio of Recent Work
BTS Logistics with Portfolio of Recent Work

BTS Logistics have found success this year with an array of successful shipments involving many types of freight - air, land and sea.

See below their various projects:

Special Cargo to Saudi Arabia
For their first project, BTS Logistics oversaw from beginning to end a special cargo transport for a 40ft flatrack container to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Pick-up for the winches & hoses was in a small village called Ridderkerk and they had to move the cargo to their partner in Vlaardingen.

Our partner, in Vlaardingen, had arranged a crane, so that we could load the cargo onto a 40ft flatrack. The cargo was lashed and secured well with an extra wooden shield to protect from any potential damage.

The cargo's destination of Dammam is one of the most important port cities of Saudi Arabia and lies on the Persian Gulf.

Rail Transports from China to the Netherlands
The Silk Road has become a very important and well known transport solution for the logistics world. Therefore, BTS Logistics have created their own rail transport shuttle from several places in China to Tilburg and Rotterdam.

"UFO members can use this transport solution if they are sure that air-freight is too expensive and when sea-freight takes too long. Look for the Silk Route solution via BTS Logistics."

Airfreight Project to Singapore
For another project, BTS Logistics were required to transport a large machine from Amsterdam to Singapore. The machine weighed 7,820 kg and measured out at 44.14 cubic metres.

Operations included picking up the machine and transporting it per special in-land transport to the airport. Once that was done, the difficult part was loading the machine into the airplane. BTS Logistics informed each of their partners involved in the loading center to get the machine into the airplane so that the process could be safely streamlined. The machine was successfully loaded on-board, leaving happy customers who were satisfied about the service and the partners BTS Logistics use for this kind of air transport.

Transporting Aluminum Heli-deck via Airfreight to Geelung Hospital in Australia
For one of their key customers, BTS Logistics recently arranged transport by air for an aluminum heli-deck from the Netherlands to Geelong Hospital in Geelong, Victoria Australia. This heli-deck will significantly decrease the time taken to get patients from air ambulances into the emergency department or straight into surgery.

It also makes it easier for pilots to land the helicopter and provides patients with greater privacy. This logistics project was completed successfully, the heli-deck has since been installed and it is now fully operational. BTS Logistics received positive words from their customers and the hospital due to their great customer service and time management.

Contacts with Terminal Operators in Rotterdam
In the world of logistics it is very important to have strong, mutual relations with your business partners. BTS Logistics recognise this, which is why they have visited the new APM Terminal II in Rotterdam. Their sales colleagues travelled a few hours to the new terminal and took some pictures.

"The view was breathtaking and we are pleased to show the harbor of Rotterdam to our UFO partners."

Personal Prize for Managing Director Michael de Rouw
BTS Logistics are proud to say that Michael de Rouw, Managing Director, is “entrepreneur of the year” of the BAR region.

"A lot of people in this region are excited about his work. Within the last five years, BTS Logistics has become a well-known player in the Netherlands."

FD Gazellen Award
Not only did Michael de Rouw win a prize last year, but so did BTS Logistics: the 'FD Gazellen Award'. Pertaining to this award, BTS Logistics belongs to the top 750 fastest growing companies in The Netherlands.

They were also nominated for: Nationwide Gold, Silver or Bronze FD Gazelle Award for large companies. The outcome of this nomination will be revealed soon.

Airfreight Delivery of Ferrari to Dubai
BTS Logistics has recently forwarded an exclusive Ferrari by air - one of the niches that the company is specialised in.

They organised pick up with a closed car-trailer and delivered the Ferrari directly to the airline terminal. An employee from BTS Logistics attended and oversaw operations at the airline terminal including the unloading of the car and ensuring the car is safely lashed & strapped onto the ULD.