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2 Guest Speakers at our 4th Zoom Meeting

17th June 2020

2 Guest Speakers at our 4th Zoom Meeting
2 Guest Speakers at our 4th Zoom Meeting

We have held Zoom meetings since the beginning of April, initially so we could see other people apart from our families! Discussions then progressed to updates on each country's situation, cargo being stranded, transit disruption, controls and restrictions, extending credit and cash flow.

Despite the challenges, it is always great to hear that UFO Members are operating and coping incredibly well under the new pressures.

During our 4th Zoom meeting today, we were joined by 2 Guest Speakers:

  • Julian Kurz of CMA-CGM discussed BBK on container vessels and how they have observed the COVID-19 situation and challenges.
  • Keith Plummer and Martin Lee of CargoWise updated Members on their experience over the last few months and how technology has played a role.

We appreciate that with so many different time zones, we were unable to allocate a time for our meeting that suited everyone. Therefore, we recorded the meeting so that you can listen to the discussions and hear from CMA-CGM and CargoWise. It is available to download in our Head Office Notices in the Members Area.

As you may know, we have developed our own inhouse Virtual 1-2-1 Booking System and are encouraging Members to take part in our Virtual 1-2-1 Meeting Week, which will take place from 27-31 July 2020. To participate, you need a computer or laptop with webcam and microphone function, a reliable internet connection and a Skype account.

Using our new Virtual 1-2-1 Booking System, you will be able to book 30-minute meetings with fellow Members that you particularly want to talk with. Registration is now open (book your place) and the booking system will officially open on 1 July 2020.

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