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McCallum Cargo Join UFO in Sri Lanka with an Impressive Scope of Services

24th July 2017

McCallum Cargo Join UFO in Sri Lanka with an Impressive Scope of Services
McCallum Cargo Join UFO in Sri Lanka with an Impressive Scope of Services

We are pleased to introduce McCallum Cargo Pvt Ltd as new representatives in Sri Lanka. Located in Colombo, they offer an impressive scope of freight forwarding services for a range of different cargo. The company are FIATA members and are joining UFO as "... we needed a freight network which will directly bring benefits amongst all the members. We think UFO is the right network for us and the exclusive membership per country is key. We look forward to working with our UFO partners!"

Heresh Fernando (Head of Freight & Operations) states; "Since 1998, McCallum Cargo has been in the business of exceeding customer expectations in total logistics solutions. Exceptional services and partnerships with leaders in the apparel, automotive, toys, electronics and technology industries has earned us international recognition as a premiere freight management company."

McCallum Cargo recently successfully completed a massive laundry project with cargo shipped to Sri Lanka from the Czech Republic, China, India and the USA. See the below gallery for photos. McCallum managed the cargo from the origins right up to the installation of the machines at site. Many challenges were faced but the McCallum team impressively handled the project within the given timeframe.

Heresh Fernando explains further; "The project involved a very large quantity of laundry equipment for a hotel complex. The cargo was mostly containerised, however, there was also OOG and airfreight machinery included in the project. We had to move the cargo from several countries (Czech Republic, China, India & the USA) and it was our responsibility to bring it to Sri Lanka. The most challenging parts of the project were the inland logistics transportation to the site (which was 125km away from the port & airport) and the positioning of the machinery at the site.

The OOG cargo had to be moved to the site at night with a police escort. Unfortunately, on the day of the move to the project site, there was heavy rain and the ground was inundated with water. We faced a major challenge to move the heavy trucks as the ground was so muddy with a few trucks stuck in the mud. Therefore, it took us a few days to move the vehicles as we had to use special vehicles to pull the trucks out of mud.

The cargo arrived at the site as planned as per the client's requirements. However, the site's construction was not ready to accept the machinery. Therefore, as our own warehouse was at full capacity at that time, we had to look for a very large warehouse space to unload all 75 containers as well as the other cargo. Luckily, one of our sister companies have a very large covered warehouse complex which we could use to store the cargo until the project site was ready to accept it."

"Even with so many challenges faced, we delivered the cargo safely and securely as we knew it was such valuable and precious equipment to our client. Our work was much appreciated & we received very satisfying compliments from our client for our services rendered!"