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Member Interview: Steve Ko of APEX International, Japan

24th March 2016

Member Interview: Steve Ko of APEX International, Japan
Member Interview: Steve Ko of APEX International, Japan

APEX International (UFO Japan) were established in 2000 and are located in Tokyo and Osaka. This month, we will be interviewing APEX Managing Director, Steve Ko.

How did you first get into the freight industry?
I was working in a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles and during one lunch break, I was looking for a full time job from the advertising section of a newspaper and after a good interview, I got a job in Sales and after 4 good years working in Los Angeles, I returned back to Japan continuing in the freight industry until today.

Please describe your most memorable shipment to date?
Two years ago, we handled the One Direction show in Japan and that was an unforgettable one. It basically took up all my time for that whole week. It got me close to the band which was something worth doing.

What motivates you most in your work?
My team at APEX and my wife.

What is your most embarrassing professional moment?
During one conference meeting, I totally mistook one company and kept pushing him for a payment and it turned out that I owed him!

What are the current trends that you see in transportation as far as Japan is concerned? What is its untapped potential?
I see a bright future as Japan enter the TPP agreement which should benefit all logistics companies here. Agriculture and fruit products from Japan have untapped potential in the very near future.

What do you enjoy to do in your spare time?
Reading and relaxing in the sauna.

Finally, where would you like to see your company in the next 3-5 years?
To continue to grow and be better.