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Quality Control Survey 2015 Results

10th February 2015

Quality Control Survey 2015 Results
Quality Control Survey 2015 Results

We have now finished analysing the Quality Control Survey 2015 results. We received completed surveys from 101 Members – thank you to each company who took the time to submit the form. It is much appreciated and enables the UFO Head Office to continually monitor the performance of our Members. The first thing I noticed when reviewing the results was how many of you are working together:

  • 63% of you are working with over 20 Members
  • 30% of you are working with over 30 Members
  • 14% of you are working with over 40 Members

And some of you are working with over 60 of your fellow UFO partners. Freight forwarders do not ship to every country every week so these are great statistics and is a 39% increase in inter-trade from last year - fantastic!

The overall results show us that the majority of UFO Members are operating in a highly professional manner. I have also been able to use the results to uncover Members whom rate below average. They will be contacted directly and together we will investigate and address any problems so that they are able to improve their service.

52% of our membership scored EXCELLENT, 45% scored AVERAGE and 3% scored BELOW AVERAGE

It now gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of this year’s awards, calculated from the results of the survey (so voted for by you):

2015 International Member of the Year

ALLSTA Spedition GmbH (Germany) 64 Members voted with 83% rating the company as ‘excellent’

2015 Regional Award: Middle East & Africa

Elite Shipping LLC (Dubai) 42 Members voted with 50% rating the company as ‘excellent’

2015 Regional Award: The Americas

Express Air Freight (New York) 42 Members voted with 74% rating the company as ‘excellent’

2015 Regional Award: Asia & Pacific (Joint)

Spark Global Logistics Pty Ltd (Australia) and Apex International Inc (Japan) 49 Members voted with 68% rating the companies as ‘excellent’

2015 Regional Award: Europe

Fairplay Shipping A/S (Denmark) 41 Members voted with 78% rating the company as ‘excellent’

2015 President’s Award

ISYS Logistique (France) My chosen company for the President’s Award is ISYS Logistique, who joined UFO as Founder Members in 2000 and has attended every single meeting since then. As well as showing great loyalty to our network, 44 Members voted for them with 64% rating the company as ‘excellent’.

All winners will be awarded trophies at our upcoming meeting in Bangkok. Plus! We will be recognising 10 companies who have shown fantastic commitment to UFO over the past 15 years and we will also acknowledge the Member who has travelled the furthest distance to attend our meeting.

My conclusion is that the UFO network continues to operate in great shape - well done everyone!